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Class 2

Year One and Two

What do we get up to?

We are taught by Mrs Haynes, Mrs Brown, Mrs Thackeray and Mrs McGuire in Class 2, which takes us straight out into the outside space.  We have a lovely big classroom which is filled with different spaces and places to learn ... what will you find next time you visit?  We have been learning in boats, huts and under trees ... exciting!  We learn in so many different ways throughout the year to help us to become independent and motivated learners.

We do fantastic 'projects' here at Eagle ... click on our 'project cards' to see the themes children in the infants have worked on previously ...

              Shrek                      Olden Times                Up and Down                Problem Solvers

     Sunshine Holidays       The Entertainers         Wonderful Workers       Carnival of the Animals

 The Great Fire of London

We believe that the basic skills are the ones that we should be practising at home so that they become a habit of life.  That way, they should not be seen as a task or chore, but more so an interest or game.  

So that you know the currciulum coverage each term, we write a Curriculum Newsletter to keep you up to date ...

   Summer Term 2024

The project this term is "The Home Front".  Please click through for homework information and the knowledge organiser.

           Autumn Term 2023                     Spring Term 2024

           Autumn Term 2022                     Spring Term 2023                  Summer Term 2023

           Autumn Term 2021                     Spring Term 2022                  Summer Term 2022

           Autumn Term 2020                     Spring Term 2021                  Summer Term 2021

           Autumn Term 2019                     Spring Term 2020                    COVID Lockdown

           Autumn Term 2018                     Spring Term 2019                  Summer Term 2019

           Autumn Term 2017                     Spring Term 2018                  Summer Term 2018


As our 'project' curriculum is creative and often guided by the children, we match the learning in order to cover all of the key skills term by term.  




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