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Here at Eagle, our School Council is made up of all the Year Six children.  Each of us has a particular role, but our main responsibility is to lead our Pupil Voice Assembly every Thursday afternoon to ensure that all pupils are involved in making decisions about the school and feeding back information we need to know.  It is a great opportunity to share exciting ideas or problem solve as a whole school.  It shows how well we can work together.

Sometimes there may be projects that the School Council can take on.  Often this is linked to managing the choices made for our charity fund raising events and leading the organisation of the day, but has also included collating opinions for a final decision on things like the design of our new toilets or new tyre park. 

The responsibility of the School Council roles builds so much confidence and maturity and is an excellent way of preparing our Year 6 children for their transition from primary to secondary school.  The Chair of the School Council says, "It's great to find out about everything going on in school so that all the children can feel part of the school and it gives everyone a chance to talk and share their thoughts".





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