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Class Three

Year Three and Four

What do we get up to?


We are taught by Mr Watson, Mr Hartnell and Mrs Edwards in Class 3.

We are Lower Key Stage Two and start to become a little bit more formal, but we still like to be creative in our use of space. It is not unusual to find us travelling back in time or to faraway places, all without leaving the room!  Quite often something new will arrive and our classroom space will change as we learn to work in different ways to help become flexible and innovative learners.

As a school, we value the importance of reading and timestables practice,as we know just how much these help us with our learning - in Class 3 our focus is heightened as we aim to perfect these skills before our next transtion.

We do fantastic 'projects' here at Eagle ... click on our 'project cards' to see the themes we work on ...

     Sea Squad             Water                      The Earth & Beyond             Dance and Dress

     Etc Holidays          Eagle Players          Vegan Diets                         The Romans Were Here

     Vicious Volcanos   'He has Risen'

We believe that the basic skills are the ones that we should be practising at home so that they become a habit of life.  That way, they should not be seen as a task or chore, but more so an interest or game.  

So that you know the currciulum coverage each term, we write a Curriculum Newsletter to keep you up to date... 

     Summer Term 2024      

The project this term is "Transport and Travel".  Please click through for homework information and the knowledge organiser.  

Autumn Term 2023                   Spring Term 2024

Autumn Term 2022                   Spring Term 2023                  Summer Term 2023 

Autumn Term 2021                   Spring Term 2022                  Summer Term 2022

                Autumn Term 2020                   Spring Term 2021                  Summer Term 2021

                Autumn Term 2019                   Spring Term 2020                    COVID Lockdown

                Autumn Term 2018                   Spring Term 2019                  Summer Term 2019

                Autumn Term 2017                   Spring Term 2018                  Summer Term 2018


As our 'project' curriculum is creative and often guided by the children, we match the learning in order to cover all of the key skills term by term. To give you an idea of what this includes, 'click' on the long term overview.



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