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Class 1

Reception Year

What do we get up to?

We are taught by Mrs Luddington, Mrs Adams and Mrs Egan in our spacious Class 1.  We have everyday access to indoor and outdoor learning, no matter what the weather ... it is our choice which wonderful space we decide to be in to be learning. 

We are the end of the 'Foundation Stage', which may have been started at Little Eagles, a nursery or a child care setting.  Now we are at big school, we want to feel more grown up and like the rest of the school we have a termly project to give a theme to the learning provision that we have as we complete our learning journey profile.

So that you know the currciulum coverage each term, we write a Curriculum Newsletter to keep you up to date ...

         Autumn Term 2021                     Spring Term 2022                        Summer Term 2022

         Autumn Term 2020                     Spring Term 2021                        Summer Term 2021

         Autumn Term 2019                     Spring Term 2020                        COVID Lockdown

         Autumn Term 2018                     Spring Term 2019                        Summer Term 2019

         Autumn Term 2017                     Spring Term 2018                        Summer Term 2018

When starting school and during the first year, it is useful to remember there are lots of different things that we need to learn as well as our letter sounds, handy high frequency words and numbers, and so on.  Also, that these happen at different times for different children ... have a look at our 'Simple Guide' to help get ready for school or at our 'Starting School Booklet'.

We believe that the basic skills are the ones that we should be practising at home so that they become a habit of life.  That way, they should not be seen as a task or chore, but more so an interest or game.  Activities for us to maintain our learning habit at home can be found here

We do fantastic 'projects' here at Eagle ... click on our 'project cards' to see the themes we work on ...

       Nursery Rhymes Helpers        Let's Celebrate        Toy Story Helpers


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