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‘Small School, High Flyers’

Eagle is a village in the North Kesteven district of Lincolnshire. It is situated to the south-west from Lincoln.  There are three small housing estates built in the 1960s, 1970s and in the 1980s.  The village has a primary school, post office, village hall, park, nursing home, playing field and public house, in addition to a Grade II listed church from the 13th century. 

The first school log book begins on January 7th 1879:

“Opened this new school this morning, but being a new school the day of the opening not being generally known and with the severity of the weather only forty children were present this morning and forty-one this afternoon.  Morning occupied chiefly admitting the children, giving general work to occupy them in the mean time.  Examined the children in the afternoon with a view to classification and was very well satisfied with the attainment of the children generally.  Only three have ever been presented for examination before.  Mr Drury, one of the members of the board, visited school this morning.” 

Has much changed?  Well, we are much bigger, with four spacious classrooms, all with access to a range of up to the minute technology, along with outdoor classrooms equipped with different learning zones and a wealth of apparatus to encourage play, socialisation and physical activity. 

That said, we still recognise and focus on the attainment of children in order that they reach their full potential through the provision of an exciting, purposeful creative curriculum and the option of extra curricular activities.  Our focus is to establish a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding upon which all future learning of life can be built.  We believe in learning for all and learning together. 

The school recognises that learning is for the child as well as the future adult and so should be an enjoyable experience which starts with where the child is at. We want children to learn a respect for themselves, others and the environment and develop socially, emotionally, physically as well as academically.


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